Traveling in the Stars

"Yes. Oh, look ! Is that riverside lightened by the moonlight ? "
Giovanni turned his face and saw silvery pampas grasses moving, fluttering and waving all around.
"No, the moon is not here. We see them shining by themselves because we are in the Milky Way."
Saying so, Giovanni felt something of great joy, whistled a melody of " Traveling in the stars", tapped the floor with his feet, and then put his head out of the window stretching his neck full to see what the water of the Milky Way really is. He could not see anything at first. But gradually he came to see the water was more transparent than crystal and hydrogen and was flowing silently with ripples shining in purple and at times with waves sparkling in rainbow colors. Meanwhile, the train was running among many sankaku-hyo towers standing with beautiful phosphorescent lights.

Translated from the original 
SANKAKU-HYO─key word

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